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001Allergy Best Practices for Serum Mixing and Shot Administration Discover the best practices to achieve an efficient shot and mixing workflow! See how to easily review the mixing workflow—from vaccine prescription and patient vial management, to mixing and superbill.
001Allergy Understanding How to Maximize the Serum Billing Options Check out the step-by-step guide to accessing the Automated Serum Billing module and completing the Superbill (serum) from the Mixing screen.
001Allergy What's New In AllergyEHR See firsthand demos of the newest AllergyEHR features including vial transfer, improved daily shot register report, Vital Signs access through the Immunotherapy screen, and more.
001Allergy Keep Them Coming Back! Tools for Helping IT Patients Stay on Track Maintain effective patient communication and engagement with the InTouch feature! Reduce your no-shows and improve allergy treatment outcomes using features such automated shot reminders, missed shot follow up, patient special search, and more!
001Allergy The Future of AllergyEHR - Panel Discussion See what's in store for Allergy EHR! IMS Build 21 & 22 comes loaded with new features and enhancements and you'll be the first to know in this exclusive preview.
001Allergy Documenting Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) in IMS Sublingual immunotherapy is an increasingly popular option for those suffering from seasonal allergies. Discover how one busy allergy office adapted IMS tools to incorporate the documentation requirements and patient tracking.
002Billing EDI Enrollment and Demystifying Common Claim Rejections Work on claims rejections like a pro! Master the many ways of keeping track of rejections within IMS. We'll show you how to take advantage of them so you can process rejections in a timely manner.
002Billing Entering Charges with an Edge Experience a simple, user-friendly charge posting process that you can customize to your needs. Learn how to ensure accuracy on your first claim submission and manage your pending bills for the shortest turnaround time possible. Part of this track is learning how to follow through with providers and be on top of your "unworked" visits!
002Billing IMS Claims Scrubber for Squeaky Clean Claims Scrub claims before sending them. Yes, it is now possible! Reduce claim rejections by turning on all scrubber setups and parameters. We'll show you how!
002Billing Make a Statement! See the Money. Learn how to manage your statements so that you won't be just sending a piece of paper, but also managing unpaid patient balances.
002Billing Collecting the Tools for Collections Learn the ins and outs of the AR Activities module in IMS with our billing experts. Discover the best tools to boost your collections process for insurance claims and patient balances, so you'll never have to leave money on the table ever again!
002Billing The Accounting Period Close: Closing the Month with a Bang! Know the right process of running the accounting period close and make sure that the setup and parameters are done accordingly. You can then run reports for charges, payments, write off, and refunds that gives you the same totals for that period.
002Billing Post Right - Paid Right Eliminate messy and complicated payment postings. Identify the complex but common scenarios of overpayments, recoupments, and adjustments. Plus, learn ways to take them on with ease and confidence!
002Billing Auto Reconciliation in IMS Process an electronic remittance (ERA) instead of manually posting the insurance remittance, and discover the practical steps on how to send an electronic remittance. We’ll take the fear out of this faster method!
002Billing New and Feature Rich! OpenEdge Payment Integration Transact securely with OpenEdge payments, a PCI DSS compliant payments security solution which incorporates EMV, QIR, and encryption to keep your sensitive payment data safe.
002Billing IMS Billing Reports - Choosing The Right Report Learn how to pick the right report based on the calculations, date, and format. Most importantly, understand the difference between operational (decision making) reports and accounting reports.
002Billing Right Information. Right Now. Real Time Eligibility Check Send it, Track it, Check it. Know if your insurance is active, if you have no other coverage, or owe a $30 copay. Additionally, users can check patients’ insurance coverage individually right away or schedule it later.
003Compliance Medicare Annual Wellness Visits - Are you leaving revenue on the table? Find out how to maximize your cash flow with an additional revenue stream from Medicare!
003Compliance Promoting Interoperability 2019 Get a detailed look at the Promoting Interoperability Program, API, and the role of HIE. Find out how to efficiently document your compliance in this category and earn a higher score!
003Compliance MIPS Improvement Activities & Cost Category Know how your cost data affects your incentives. Attend this detailed discussion on the MIPS Cost category and get all your frequently asked questions answered! Ace your Improvement Activities reporting and learn how to maximize your score! Participate in an in-depth discussion on the measures and all documentation needed as proof of work.
003Compliance PCMH - Understanding the Process and the Requirements The NCQA defines patient centered medical home as a care delivery model whereby patient treatment is coordinated through their primary care physician to ensure they receive the necessary care when and where they need it, in a manner they can understand. This session will teach about the program and discuss participation requirements.
003Compliance Hands On MIPS Lab Hands-on training with a Meditab SME designed to help our clients maximize their efficiency and documentation needed for MIPS.
003Compliance Hands On MIPS Lab II Hands-on training with a Meditab SME designed to help our clients maximize their efficiency and documentation needed for MIPS.
003Compliance Quality Payment Program - Overview for Year 4 Master your MIPS program and receive the maximum incentive possible. Here's a closer look at MIPS, its updates, and a detailed information on each category.
003Compliance Comprehensive Primary Care Plus - CPC+ Know everything you need to participate in the CPC+ program with IMS.
003Compliance HEDIS Measures - How to Improve your Scores 190 million people are enrolled in plans that report HEDIS results. That makes HEDIS one of health care’s most widely used performance improvement tools according to the NCQA. This session will show you what are HEDIS measures and how to improve your HEDIS scores to optimize their benefit
003Compliance HIPAA in 2019 - It is Time to Get Serious Find out what major changes are coming to HIPAA this 2019. It's been 6 years since the last major HIPAA updates were enacted, and before the next ones come up, we'll get you ready!
003Compliance MIPS Quality Category - Take Your Scoring to New Heights Take your MIPS scoring to new heights through simple, yet comprehensive discussion on the quality measures, value sets, and benchmarks for MIPS 2019.
004CosmetiSuite CosmetiSuite - Marketing Tips and Tricks Explore the most effective marketing strategies for your practice to help you build your brand, gather leads, and ultimately increase your revenue!
004CosmetiSuite Say Cheese! Photo Management Enhancements and Best Practices Learn about the exciting enhancements to the patient Photo Album. Easier than ever to visualize your patient progress and the care you provide.
004CosmetiSuite Advanced Quoting for CosmetiSuite Users Take your quotes management skills to the next level with this in depth session focused on advanced users best practices and favorite tips.
004CosmetiSuite Advanced Point of Sale and Inventory Management Get ready to boost your your point of sale (POS) moves! Learn advanced tips and tricks straight from the industry experts to make your payment processing a lot smoother for you and your patients.
005EHR Chart Audit - Very Useful though Little Used The Chart Audit tool ensures that providers are charting appropriately and helps the clinic maintain good provider performance according to government guidelines and clinic-specific rules.
005EHR Flowsheets - Track Trending Data in IMS Breeze through your patient's treatment process with our improved flowsheets! Document and track your patient's progress with all the relevant data with ease. We'll show you how to create, customize, and adopt IMS flowsheets for your specialty.
005EHR Unleashing the Hidden Power of IMS Give your practice a tune-up by adopting recent IMS enhancements that were designed specifically to reduce clicks and to improve flow.
005EHR Prompt, Punctual & On Time - Scheduler Tips and Tricks Learn to personalize your scheduling experience to fit the way you work! In this session, we'll show you how to customize the Scheduler window, show availability for multiple providers, and configure important setups.
005EHR Tips and Tricks EHR Get the most out of your EHR! Learn the latest secrets to an efficient, accurate, and faster clinical documentation. Plus, know all the setups and parameters that help you run your practice just the way you want it!
005EHR New! MA Dashboard Seamlessly integrate all MA tasks into your EHR workflow. Let your MAs manage and perform pre visit and postvisit tasks with this handy, all-in-one feature.
005EHR New! Report Dashboard View and analyze reports at a glance to facilitate data-driven decisions. Learn how the Report Dashboard serves as your virtual assistant that will run scheduled reports during off hours, which gets delivered to your inbox instantly!
005EHR Rx Workflow Improvements - PDMP, EPCS, eRx & Refills Experience a more comprehensive, yet simpler e Prescription process! Learn about the new ePrescription feature, one-click PDMP integration which gives you quick, point-of-care access to your patient’s prescription drug history. Understand the value of EPCS better, the necessary setups, and all its functions - both hard and soft token experiences.
005EHR Chronic Care Management Chronic care management services are generally non-face-to-face services provided to Medicare beneficiaries who have multiple chronic conditions expected to last at least 12 months. CCM is a critical component of primary care that promotes better health and reduces overall health care costs. We will explore the available tools for optimal management and better outcomes
006Fertility Fertility Front Desk Automation Free up your staff time, reduce human error, and provide faster, better healthcare delivery. With our auto check-in application, your patients can complete the entire check-in process in seconds.
006Fertility EHR Customization Tips and Tricks Learn the experts' secrets to customizing FertilityEHR to fit the workflow of your practice. See the comprehensive setups and parameters that you can adjust to make FertilityEHR operate according to the unique needs of your specialty.
006Fertility Cryopreservation Billing - New Features and Improvements Enjoy an exclusive walkthrough of all the upcoming FertilityEHR enhancements including the improved Cryopreservation module and the new Automated Storage Billing module.
006Fertility FertilityEHR Development Progress Immerse in discussions about all the in-progress and upcoming FertilityEHR enhancements including the much anticipated Marketing Tools!
006Fertility FertilityEHR Development Roadmap Discussion See the top reasons why we're excited for the future of FertilityEHR! Participate in in-depth discussions on all the milestones that our team has mapped ahead so you'll know what major developments to anticipate!
006Fertility Effective ART Lab Management Discover different ways in using FertilityEHR to better manage laboratory patient flow, patient cycle overview, and patient cycle outcomes (including SART reporting and exporting).
006Fertility Insights into Financial, Clinical and ART Reports Gain expert insights from a few Financial, Clinical, and ART sample reports within FertilityEHR, and experience how a financially-optimized Fertility practice runs!
006Fertility FertilityEHR Treatment Consult Dashboard, Visit Note Automation Tips See an overview of the newest features within FertilityEHR. Quickly view a patient's history, progress, and plan for future treatments with just a couple of clicks!
006Fertility How to Manage Fertility Packages See a real-time demo—within FertilityEHR—of the most efficient way to utilize the Package feature as well as manage Guaranteed/Shared Risk Programs.
007FQHC Managing Your 340B Program The 340B Drug Discount Program is a federal government program created in 1992 that requires drug manufacturers to provide outpatient drugs to eligible health care organizations and covered entities at significantly reduced prices. This session will cover the registration requirements, enrollment process and contracting with pharmacies.
007FQHC Sliding Fee Scales and Split Billing Learn how to review and set up multiple fee schedules in IMS! See a real-time demo on setting up UB/CMS 1500 billing parameters such as revenue code, CPT, and insurance setup.
007FQHC Open Wide - Dental Charting in IMS Get a closer look at the dental module! We'll go through the charting, setups, and parameters that you can utilize for faster and efficient charting.
007FQHC UDS, Special Reports, Grant Management Find out how to generate and interpret required UDS table reports and get an overview of the suggested reports that benefit your FQHC practice.
007FQHC Multi Specialty Template Building Witness an exclusive, real-time demo of the setups that allow you to make changes to a template that only affects one specialty at a time.
007FQHC Open Round Table Discussion - Insights and Recommendations for Enhancements & New Services Moderated roundtable discussion that invites the attendees to share their recommendations for IMS to the Meditab development team.
008General What’s Draining Your Practice’s Bottom Line? Discover the Top Five Culprits The chances are very high that you are losing out on a significant amount of revenue due to leakage. From medical coding errors to inefficient front office processes, you'll learn the top areas where medical practices are leaking revenue and losing out on thousands of dollars. Plus, we'll teach you how to plug those leaks and prevent future revenue leaks.
008General Perfecting Your Medical Practice’s Customer Service Over a decade ago, most physician practice owners didn't think much about customer service. Why? They didn't have to. Insurance companies, Yellow Pages listings, and referrals were the main drivers of practice growth. Well, times have Google every doctor before their first visit, post online reviews about their experience, and demand excellent customer service.changed! Now, patients Google every doctor before their first visit, post online reviews about their experience, and demand excellent customer service. Nervous yet?
008General The Digital Patient Journey - Turning Prospects into Patients A patient’s journey begins long before a patient walks into a waiting room. In today’s digital age, 77% of patients now use search engines to start their journey. The Internet has changed the way patients search for and choose healthcare providers - and if you don't learn how to reach potential patients online, you’ll allow your competitors to steal your prospective patients (and possibly even some of your existing patients).
008General Charting a Course for the Future - New in 2019 & 2020 Explore our ambitious development roadmap, and anticipate with us the major innovative tools that we have in store for all healthcare providers.
009Pain Management iSpot for Enhanced Clinical Documentation The iSpot is a hot-spot editor that allows you to attach an image, mark the hot-spots, and associate them with sublevel questions. Include this in your visit note toolkit for faster, better clinical documentation.
009Pain Management Pain Relief - Using Questionnaires and Templates in IMS Chart in mere seconds! See how customizing templates and using questionnaires within the Visit Note can make charting so much more simple and efficient.
009Pain Management Panel Discussion: Pain Management Road Map Take a look at our Pain Management Roadmap and see where we started, where we have come to, and where we are heading.
009Pain Management Manage the Hurt with Cases - Case Management in IMS Streamline your billing processes and get an overview of how cases are done, how cases are used for various reasons (e.g., auto accident claims, workers comp claims, etc.), and a review of the different billing details.
009Pain Management EPCS Work Flows and Enhancements for Pain Management Specialists Understand the value of EPCS better, the necessary setups, and all its functions - both hard and soft token experiences.
009Pain Management Managing Workers Comp Billing in IMS Send workers' comp bills electronically together with attachments. Learn all the setup and the ways to link those attachments to your claims accordingly.
101Value Added Services IMSGo Enhancements - The Provider App Does More than Ever Achieve unparalleled accessibility and flexibility with the newest IMSGo features! Prescriptions, Photo Album, Revamped Vital Signs module, Dashlets, and more!
101Value Added Services Televisit - Expanding access to healthcare beyond the walls of the clinic Remotely conduct an interactive patient visit over video conferences with the Televisit feature. This MU & HIPAA Compliant Televisit removes the traditional barriers to the delivery of health care such as distance, mobility, and time constraints.
101Value Added Services QuickNote - Say Goodbye to your Old EHR Templates Experience the quickest clinical documentation with Quicknote, a form-based visit note documentation accessible from IMS, IMSGo, and IMS OnArrival.
101Value Added Services Introducing the Electronic Receptionist: IMS OnArrival Make easy copayments with the Card on File feature. Also introducing an EMV-enabled bluetooth card reader for processing credit card transactions.
101Value Added Services IMS CarePortal - Even More Care than Before Create a seamless healthcare process for your patients with the new and improved IMS CarePortal. Provide a more secure and convenient healthcare information exchange between your patients and their proxies with the Proxy Access Feature.
101Value Added Services CoverMyMed Integration for Prescription Benefits Discover the benefits of this new integration - perform real time benefit check, likelihood of prior authorization requirement, and value added messages that provide pertinent benefit information for clinical staff.
101Value Added Services Online Scheduling with ABS - Appointment Booking System See an introduction to the Appointment Booking System (ABS), and then walk through a complete end-to-end flow of the ABS along with a demo.
101Value Added Services New! IMS Chat - Promote Staff Communication and Eliminate Door Knocks Learn more about this intra-organizational chat that opens right from IMS. Users can chat with other online users, send attachments and also refer to specific drugs, ICDs and patients.
101Value Added Services Everything you Need to Know about IMS Patient API Development and App Integration Know how to utilize the health record feature in IMS Patient App. The OPEN Patient APIs will give full Consolidated Clinical Document (CCDA) access in IMS Patient App, so you can maximize your MIPS incentives!
101Value Added Services Risk Stratification Enhancements Improve the quality of care and help your patients achieve the best health possible with our improved Risk Stratification module. Clinical staff can now easily identify a patient's risk based on the Risk Score, separate the patient population into different risk categories, and assign specific care teams to each patient.
101Value Added Services Offsite Backup - Security in an Uncertain World HIPAA compliance requires healthcare providers to not only digitalize critical information, but also protect it from loss due to hardware failure, theft, human error or natural disaster. Backing up your patient data to the cloud is essential in today's cyber-threat environment.
101Value Added Services IMS Cloud Hosting - Because the Cloud is Safest Leverage the power of our Cloud Hosting solution that's scalable, flexible, and cost-effective. Reduce operational risk, better protect your crucial data, and manage your compliance requirements.


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